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Wednesday, 21/12/2016

Provenance matters when it comes to food. At Botanica, we believe that provenance is just as important for plants. If a plant says it is UK grown it is not the same as having UK provenance.


"Many thanks for the delivetry of our plant - a very nice specimen in perfect condition. We are so please with it, we shall be ordering another one today.."
Thank you.
M Brown


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A lovely small tree with wonderful orange and red autumnal long bushy leaves. Once matured produces red-brown flaking bark.

Acer campestre Carnival


Originated as a seedling from Holland during the 1980's. Its leaves are broadly margined creamy white.

Acer campestre Pulverulentum

£8.95  -  £38.00

Leaves blotched and speckled with creamy white markings

Acer campestre Royal Ruby

£98.00  -  £98.75

A rather beautiful form of our native Field Maple. During spring and early summer it produces rich red-purple leaves that gradually fade to a deep green as the summer progresses.

Acer campestre William Caldwell


A rare fastigiate/upright form.With lovely bright red autumn colour.


A distinctive snake-bark maple with mysterious green and white bark. A distinctive snake-bark maple with mysterious green and white bark, producing wonderfully warm autumnal colourings of orange and red. Ideal for smaller gardens.

Acer cappadocium


Makes a medium to large tree in the right conditions, the attractive mid green maple like foliage turning to glorious butter yellow in autumn

Acer cappadocium Aureum


A particularly striking form of this variety, making a medium to large sized tree with luxuriously large glossy leaves turning a rich butter yellow in the Autumn.

Acer cappadocium Rubrum

£69.50  -  £110.00

A medium/large tree with a rounded habit. Young, dark red leaves turn green and then back to red, gold and yellow in autumn. This superb autumn colour lasts for many weeks.

Acer carpinifolia


Hornbeam Maple, makes a small to medium sized tree of good balanced growth habit, interesting Hornbeam like leaves that turn yellow and gold in autumn.

£15.00  -  £24.00

Vine maple, usually making a large shrub tree. Produces decorative wine-red and white flowers in April whilst in the autumn its curious circular leaves are prettily tinted in the summer turn a fabulous orange and crimson in the autumn.

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