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Saturday, 19/08/2017

Few people have probably heard of a phenomenon known rather morbidly as the widowmaker. Like so many tales, it originates from the dark and mysterious world of woods and forests. But it might just strike closer to home, especially if you have trees in your garden.


"Many thanks for the delivetry of our plant - a very nice specimen in perfect condition. We are so please with it, we shall be ordering another one today.."
Thank you.
M Brown


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Betula albosinensis


A medium sized deciduous tree with glossy green leaves which contrast well with the pink-red colours beneath the peeling bark.

Betula albosinensis Fascination

£36.00  -  £124.75

A member of a group of beautiful birches known best as the Chinese Red Birch, Betula albosinensis Fascination as the name suggests has to be one of the best. Hints of red, pink and orange in the trunk, which peels away like tissue paper, revealing the vivid colouration of the new layer that often also has a white bloom.


This stunning Birch is very different to what people come to expect from a Birch as the trunk is a rich orange brown colour, peeling off in the same way as other Birchs to reveal another layer of rich orange brown beneath.


A medium sized deciduous tree with glossy green leaves which contrast well with the pink-red colours beneath the peeling bark.


With smooth, golden peeling bark and scented leaves, twigs of wintergreen. Definitely worth a place in any collection.


Not often offered for sale and very collectable among birch enthusiasts. Betula chinensis is normally found in the UK as a large shrub but would also make an interesting small tree neat in habit particularly where space is limited.Attractive bark and smallish sharply toothed mid green leaves.


A most attractive tree with pinkish- orange fawn bark. Similar in appearance to B. ermanii, to which some authorities place the form grown in cultivation.

£18.00  -  £175.00

A very beautiful fast growing Birch of easy constitution. Bright green heart shaped leaves and highly attractive creamy white bark with pink tinges.


Selected for its pure white bark, often found grown as B costata

Betula Fetisowii


Glorious chalk white peeling bark on the trunk and right up into the branches certainly makes this unusual Birch a tree for the connoiseur. Originated from Central Asia.

Betula Hergest

£175.00  -  £195.00

A sought after form originating from the Hergest Croft Gardens in Herefordshire. Beautiful shiny light coppery coloured bark and light green leaves

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