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Saturday, 19/08/2017

Few people have probably heard of a phenomenon known rather morbidly as the widowmaker. Like so many tales, it originates from the dark and mysterious world of woods and forests. But it might just strike closer to home, especially if you have trees in your garden.


"Many thanks for the delivetry of our plant - a very nice specimen in perfect condition. We are so please with it, we shall be ordering another one today.."
Thank you.
M Brown


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Carpinus betulus Fastigiata

£8.95  -  £98.75

(Pyramidalis) Makes a tall upright column, pyramidal in outline.

Carpinus betulus Frans Fontaine

£11.50  -  £69.50

Selected originally from a street tree found in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, makes an impressive tall column of a tree.

Carpinus betulus Pendula


Makes a small squat tree with cascades of strongly weeping branches


An uncommon form of Hornbeam, it's young leaves are purple, maturing to green.

Carpinus betulus Rockhampton Red


A splendid tall growing Hornbeam, quite unique superb autumn colours of red in a variety of hues.

£6.00  -  £11.25

This form of Hornbeam is a rare sight in the UK. Carpinus caroliana has pronounced fluted bark a greeny grey in colour. The trunk is often twisted into sculptural shapes and supports a wide canopy of branches that weep gently at their tips. The apple green leaves have a polished appearance, larger than our native hornbeams and with attractive pronounced veins.


Carpinus fangiana


Most certainly a Hornbeam for the enthusiastic collector and plantsman/woman A recent introduction from SW China around the 1990's. Bronzy red young foliage which mature to show the many prominent leaf veins.

Carpinus henryana


A collectors tree introduced from China in 1907 by the famous plant hunter Ernest Wilson. Makes a medium sized tree of balanced shape and outline

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Page 1 of 2:    19 Items