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Friday, 20/10/2017

"Many thanks for the delivery of our plant - a very nice specimen in perfect condition. We are so please with it, we shall be ordering another one today. ."
Thank you.
M Brown


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Catalpa bignoniodes

£10.50  -  £143.75

The Indian Bean Tree has large heart shaped leaves which give that dramatic foliage an exotic effect. Foxglove like flowers of white, yellow with purple stain in July and August, followed by strings of bean pods.

Catalpa bignoniodes Aurea


The Golden Indian Bean Tree has irresistible large Golden yellow leaves providing just the right exotic touch to any scene. Avoid windy sites which would damage the beautiful foliage. Catalpas originate from N. America.

Catalpa bignoniodes Variegata

£20.00  -  £105.00

Very much the gem, smaller growing than the type, foliage with attractive variegation ranging from white to a light cream

Catalpa erubescens Purpurea

£14.25  -  £33.25

A very fine hybrid between C. bignoniodes C. ovata introduced around 1869. For lovers of purple plants, it has deep purple foliage and young shoots.

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items