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Saturday, 19/08/2017

Few people have probably heard of a phenomenon known rather morbidly as the widowmaker. Like so many tales, it originates from the dark and mysterious world of woods and forests. But it might just strike closer to home, especially if you have trees in your garden.


"Many thanks for the delivetry of our plant - a very nice specimen in perfect condition. We are so please with it, we shall be ordering another one today.."
Thank you.
M Brown


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Deutzia crenata Nikko

£11.25  -  £48.00

A charming dwarf shrub with narrow green leaves and small white flowers

Deutzia elegantissima Fasiculata


Bright rose pink flowers freely produced on this excellent small medium sized shrub

Deutzia elegantissima Rosealind


Makes a lovely small compact shrub, deep carmine pink flowers in great profusion

Deutzia gracilis

£24.00  -  £42.00

A delightful species of Japanese origin with pure white flowers in early summer.


Not commonly available, a delicious combination of white flowers with golden foliage

Deutzia hookeriana

£9.50  -  £32.00

This rare and much sought after Deutzia has masse of showy white flowers in June. Small leafed as closely resembling Deutzia monbeigii.

Deutzia hybrida Magicien (Strawberry Fields)

£24.00  -  £95.00

A memorable sight when in full flower the largish flowers a magical combination of mauve pink, white and hint of purple

Deutzia hybrida Mont Rose

£9.75  -  £42.00

A deciduous hybrid shrub which grows to about 2.5 metres. It has elegant rose-pink flowers borne in clusters in June.

Deutzia hybrida Rosea Plena (Pink Pom Pom)

£9.75  -  £73.50

Masses of tightly formed double flower heads of lipstick pink slowly fading to white


Deutzia lemoinei


Not often found available. A rather lovely small to medium Deutzia of open upright habit starry white flowers in profusion during early summer.

Deutzia monbeigii

£11.25  -  £48.00

Deutzia monbeigii makes a charming small shrub, glorious small starry white flowers on mass during summer.

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Page 1 of 2:    16 Items