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 Euonymus alatus
Makes a slow growing medium sized shrub, curious corky winged bark on the branches. Fantastic autumn foliage effect of crimson red, made even more exciting when the reddish purple fruits split open to reveal orange seeds.
 Euonymus alatus Compactus
This dense, compact form of E. alatus is best known for its stunning autumn colour. Further interest provided by the red-purple fruits which split to reveal bright orange seeds. A good choice for a low hedge.
 Euonymus cornutus var. quinquecornutus
A rare and sought after small shrub with the usual orange seeds surrounded by a pink capsule with five projections much like a 'Jesters Cap'
Euonymus europaeusEuonymus europaeus
Deciduous shrub growing to 6m. Flowering from May to June but renowned for its attractive pink to red fruit in autumn with orange seeds
Euonymus europaeus Red CascadeEuonymus europaeus Red Cascade
One of the best for superb autumn colouring, masses of rosy red fruits often weighing down the branches.
 Euonymus fortuei var. Minimus
A delightful small plant with tiny trailing green leaves ideal for the rockery or where space is limited.
 Euonymus fortunei Blondy
Makes an attractive evergreen shrub with a central yellow gold blotch to the leaves leaving only a narrow green margin, giving an overall golden effect
 Euonymus fortunei Canadale Gold
Dwarf evergreen shrub which will climb if planted against a wall or fence. Will grow in any well drained soil including chalk. H60cm, W90cm. Sun or part shade.
 Euonymus fortunei Coloratus
A very useful plant for tough situations, long evergreen traing stems which can used successfully used as either groundcover or trained up walls etc. The main claim to fame though for Euonymus Coloratus is the way the mid green leaves of summer turn slowly to a glorious plum purple, ruby red by depth of winter, quite stunning.
 Euonymus fortunei Darts Blanket
A very useful ground covering and trailing plant mid green leaves turn gorgeous shades of plum red and purple during the winter
 Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaiety
A well known and popular low growing shrub that forms neat mounds of tidy green and white variegated foliage that often assumes lovely pink tones in winter.
Euonymus fortunei Emerald`n`GoldEuonymus fortunei Emerald`n`Gold
Another well known Euonymous with pale green and yellow leaves. Excellent for planting under other larger shrubs.
 Euonymus fortunei Harlequin
A slow growing small shrub young growth virtually opaque white slowly adding green as they get older the eventual effect being green with heavy white mottling
 Euonymus fortunei Silver Pillar
An ideal plant for the rockery or small garden this easy to grow evergreen will grow to just 40cm x 40cm and is tolerant of poor soil and pollution. Also a popular plant for winter foliage in pots and tubs, or as a miniature hedge.
 Euonymus fortunei Silver Queen
A fantastic variegated shrub of compact habit. The unfolding leaves in spring are a rich yellow, maturing to green with a cream margin. Will also slowly climb.
 Euonymus fortunei Sunspot
A well known and much planted variety dark green leaves and central old gold splash
 Euonymus fortunei Variegatus
Euonymus Variegatus also known as Euonymus Gracilis. Can be used as a trailing ground cover plant or as low growing climber. Green leaves splashed with grey and margined white.
Euonymus hamiltonianusEuonymus hamiltonianus
Very similar to our native "spindle". Makes a semi-evergreen large shrub or small tree, its charm is in its autumn effect of pink fruits that split open to reveal orange red seeds.
 Euonymus hamiltonianus Indian Summer
Similar to the well known E. Red Cascade with leaves turning colour a little earlier in late summer autumn and slightly less intense in hue
 Euonymus hamiltonianus subsp sieboldianus
A very collectable and sought after form. Autumn foliage a mix of red pink and yellow along with the usual bright pink and orange fruit capsules

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