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Friday, 29/09/2017

There is nothing worse than the first cold of Winter, especially for those that manage to avoid that mid-summer tickle. There are many ways to resolve a cold, but our most tried and tested method has to be a proven old country remedy of drinking an elixir of Elderberry Rob.


"Many thanks for the delivery of our plant - a very nice specimen in perfect condition. We are so please with it, we shall be ordering another one today. ."
Thank you.
M Brown


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Beech Green Tree - Fagus sylvatica

£1.75  -  £110.00

A classic native tree of the English parkland and estate, particularly good in calcareous soils. Makes superb hedges as well as individual specimens, the rich golden autumnal foliage adds magic to any landscape.

Beech Purple Tree - Fagus sylvatica Purpurea

£1.95  -  £125.00

Makes a beautiful large specimen tree or is often seen in hedge form where its purple foliage can be used to great effect. Like its green cousin it dislikes cold wet soils.


Fagus grandifolia, The American Beech has long narrower leaves and more strongly veined than our native beech. A tree for the collector of different trees.



This beautiful slow growing strongly weeping tree has amazing butter yellow golden leaf during summer time and which turn the classic copper brown leaf in the autumn, often remaining on the tree throughout winter.


A rare and highly desirable Beech and a must for any collection. Slightly crinkled beech like leaves with an attractive irregular creamy yellow margin. A fabulous site in early summer. Makes a medium sized tree.

Fagus sylvatica Black Swan


A remarkable weeping Beechof compact habit with deep purple leaves


From a mature Beech growing here at Chantry Farm, Suffolk

Fagus sylvatica Dawyk

£11.50  -  £128.00

The Dawyk Beech from Dawyk in Scotland was discovered about 1850. It forms a tall, tight, upright columnar crown of branches - very effective where space is limited.

Fagus sylvatica Dawyk Gold


As expected with a 'Dawyk Beech' a tall columnar tree with bright golden yellow young foliage which mutes to a green yellow as summer progresses

Fagus sylvatica Dawyk Purple


The purple form of the 'Dawyk' Beech

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