Choosing the correct hedging plants can be crucial for quick growing screening and our friendly advice is readily available
As horticultural experts we offer comprehensive advice on bare root and container grown hedge plants, we would be pleased to help discuss the design and specification for any planting scheme that you may be undertaking.

We have advised farms, estates and gardens, provided planting for public areas, new build schemes, schools, historical and ecological sites. We can also provide advice on the various planting scheme grants that are available.
We offer specialist planting advice or within East Anglia, we can provide a full planting service with maintenance and aftercare included.
Correct watering is vital to a plants establishment. We design and provide cost effective irrigation systems suitable for most planting situations.
Hedge PlantsHedge Plants
Our A - Z range of hedge plants for you to make your selection from.
Hedging PacksHedging Packs
Our range of packs especially designed to make choosing your hedging easier, Packs are put together by us acccording to planting site and use.
Evergreen HedgingEvergreen Hedging
Coastal / Seaside HedgingCoastal / Seaside Hedging
Plants specially chosen for their ability to take salt laden winds.
Conservation and Wildlife HedgingConservation and Wildlife Hedging
Edible HedgingEdible Hedging
Flowering HedgingFlowering Hedging
Security HedgingSecurity Hedging
Plants chosen for their ‘thorny’ aspect.

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