British Grown Semi Mature Specimen Trees

Botanica offers a wonderful and extensive selection of mature British grown native and ornamental trees that is seldom seen elsewhere. We specialise in advanced nursery stock in a wide range of sizes.

Though we grow thousands of trees, these selected large semi mature specimen trees are only grown in limited numbers. They are perfect for an instant effect in any garden or landscape scheme providing a naturally established look.

For our larger advanced size and semi- mature trees we use the groundbreaking new technology of Air Pots, which produce dense non-spiralling roots systems. We also grow them in our very own special 100% peat free compost. These techniques increase the quality of our specimen trees and the speed and ease of establishment when planted. So we can guarantee the superb quality of our genuine British grown mature specimen trees.

Below is just a selection of the semi mature trees we have here at our nursery. For further information on our full range and on current stock availability please contact us.


Delivery of these large trees is available anywhere in the UK; just contact the sales team for a quote.

For these sizes of tree we would recommend that a professional contractor be engaged to plant them.

We offer specialist planting advice, or within East Anglia, we can provide a full planting service with maintenance and aftercare included.

As experts we offer comprehensive advice on trees and would be pleased to help discuss the design and specification for any planting scheme that you may be undertaking. We have advised farms, estates and gardens, provided planting for public areas, new build schemes, schools, historical and ecological sites.

Correct watering is vital to a plants establishment. We can design and provide cost effective irrigation systems suitable for most planting situations.