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 Mahonia aquifolium
Oregon Grape" This small shrub grows to 3ft tall and is excellent beneath trees or in a shady position, but will also do well in sun. Yellow flowers March - April, followed by blue / black berries. Any soil type.
 Mahonia aquifolium Apollo
This vigorous, spreading form of the Oregon Grape makes a low growing bush. Its leaves are pinnate and deep green with red stalks often turning red in winter. In early spring it bears bright yellow flowers in large dense clusters
 Mahonia aquifolium Smaragd
Similar to M. 'Apollo', but with the benefit of having young leaves a lovely bronze colour.
 Mahonia confusa
Pale yellow flowers in Autumn, set against sea green foliage
 Mahonia japonica
A well known and popular plant giving a superb display during late autumn and winter of beautiful and fragrant flower heads of light golden yellow
 Mahonia japonica Bealei
A well known tried and tested Mahonia with its characteristic short golden yellow flower heads in winter. Nowadays becoming increasingly confused with M. japonica
 Mahonia media Buckland
Delightful long flower racemes of a gorgeous intense yellow beginning in late autumn and through the dark depths of winter
 Mahonia media Charity
This wonderful hybrid has great architectural qualities, with its dark green spiky leaves. Very useful for winter colour, as the bright yellow fragrant flowers open on long racemes in early to mid winter.
 Mahonia media Lionel Fortescue
Lots of bright yellow winter flowers in upright racemes and always attractive foliage makes this a splendid specimen plant. Originated as a seedling at the Garden House Buckland Monachorum Devon.
Mahonia media Winter SunMahonia media Winter Sun
A medium sized shrub of vigorous habit with pinnate leaves and erect racemes of densely packed fragrant yellow flowers.
 Mahonia wagneri Pinnacle
A good selection this with bright golden flowers stong bushy upright growth bronzy when young
 Mahonia wagneri Undulata
This interesting ornamental hybrid resembles M. aquifolium, but grows slightly taller and has dark green wavy pinnate leaves. Deep yellow flowers in spring.

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