Botanica Professional Planting Service

Based in Suffolk Botanica can offer a full planting service in and around East Anglia for all our trees and plants. We work in town gardens to large estates from a single tree to whole woodlands and everything in between. Before we engage in any planting job we like to carry out a full on site inspection to check soil conditions, aspect, access etc to make sure that the plant selection is correct for the site and offer professional advice. We are then able to prepare a specification and quote for carrying out the planting works. Each job is viewed and priced individually.

We have a highly experienced and professional team who plant with the greatest care and who specialise in the skilled art of planting large semi mature trees and shrubs for instant impact. For this type of planting we use a specialist planting technique known as root guying. This is an underground cable system of securing a newly planted tree or shrub meaning you will not see any tree supports or stakes. This makes the newly planted tree much more natural and pleasing on the eye.

Planting also includes all the planting composts, slow release fertilizers, below ground water tubes, mulches etc. For a small extra charge we can include the inoculation of the rootball with mycorrhizal (friendly fungi) which has proved to give superb results in establishment particularly where conditions are less than perfect.

We carry out hedge planting work all over Suffolk. Most of this work is carried out during the dormant season using our stock of bare root hedging. However we can also plant outside of this season using our excellent range of pot grown hedging.



We also carry out woodland planting and creation work. We can advise and specify which tree species mix we think you should use given your site and soil conditions and we can recommend and install any protection from rabbits.

If required, to aid establishment and healthy growth, we can design and install tailor made irrigation systems for all our planting schemes.

We operate our planting service mainly within East Anglia but if you are beyond this area we will always work with you to find a suitable and experienced professional contractor to do the job for you.

contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.