"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon


Alongside these items, we also have selected native, ornamental and eco-hedging available with a 50% discount.

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Plant Name Size Sale Price
Griselinia littoralis Variegata 7.5lt £11
Weigela Foliis Purpureis 10lt £11
Potentilla fruticosa Daydawn 10lt £9
Berberis frikartii Telstar 7.5lt £12
Pyracantha (mixed colours) 10lt £12
Lonicera Pileata 20/30lt £36
Berberis stenophylla 7.5lt £13
Rhaphiolepis umbellata 3lt £7
Weigela florida Bristol Ruby 10lt £12
Luma apiculata (Myrtus apiculata) 10lt £16
Sambucus nigra Aurea 20lt £33
Phorium Tenax  30lt £26
Phorium Tenax  280lt £93
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Berberis frikartii Telstar


Similar on all accounts to B. Amstelveen but a little taller and more compact

Berberis stenophylla

£11.25  -  £48.00

A very useful and reliable evergreen performer with its long branches that weep gracefully throughout and adorned with yellow flowers in April. Berberis stenophylla is of hybrid origin and has long been cultivated from around the mid 1800's

Griselinia littoralis Variegata

£9.75  -  £42.00

This is a lovely evergreen shrub with thick pale green leaves with a strong creamy white variegation. Very effective for coastal conditions.

Lonicera pileata

£11.75  -  £72.00

This evergreen shrub is fully hardy, easy to grow, and is an excellent ground cover plant for difficult locations. Shade tolerant. Height 2ft, spread 3ft. Pruning not necessary. Water until established.

Luma apiculata (Myrtus apiculata)

£12.50  -  £75.00

Originally called Myrtus apiculata. Lovely in late summer and autumn when small starry flowers smother the entire bush, will eventually make a small tree when the beautiful cinnamon coloured older bark peels to show creamy white young bark

Phormium tenax Purpureum

£38.00  -  £58.00

Use this hardy evergreen for shape and colour contrast in your garden. The purple leaves will eventually reach 8ft tall, and the plant will spread at the base upto 2ft across, Wind tolerant, prefers a sunny spot, avoid waterlogged soil.

Potentilla fruticosa Daydawn

£18.00  -  £38.00

Originated as a sport of P. Tangerine and inherits some of its colouring with flowers an intriguing shade of peachy pink with a hint of cream

Rhaphiolepis umbellata

£14.50  -  £92.00

A rounded slow growing shrub eventually making about 2.5 metres. The evergreen deep green leaves act as the perfect foil for the masses of starry white flowers that cover the plant in June.

Sambucus nigra Aurea

£11.25  -  £135.00

The Golden Elder, such an easy shrub to grow that gives a lovely Golden effect to even the most difficult of garden position.

Weigela florida Bristol Ruby


A particularily free flowering and strong growing cultivar with deep shiny red flowers. A deservedly popular plant of easy cultivation

Weigela Foliis Purpureis

£22.00  -  £73.50

A firm favourite, small but equally easy grower with deep pink red flowers on purple flushed foliage


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