"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon


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The 'Spotted Laurel' often dicounted as boring this is worthy a place in many gardens especially in tough situations such as dry shade where this plant comes into its own and flourishes. Mid green leaves dusted with yellow spots.

Aucuba japonica Crassifolia


Makes a relatively small growing form. Aucuba Crassifolia is most noted for large and very broad deep green leaves. A useful plant for tough conditions such as deep dry shade.

Aucuba japonica Crotonifolia

£11.25  -  £78.00

Lime tolerant shrub with showy foliage, ideal for gardens with sandy soil, esp. near the sea. Semi-evergreen, height in 5 yrs 4-5ft. Water until established. Prune in summer.

Aucuba japonica Golden King

£11.25  -  £26.50

Aucuba Japonica Golden Spangles


A really vivid golden variegated variety of this very tolerant shrub. Aucuba golden Spangles is a compact growing female form noted not only for its bright glossy variegated foliage but also the reliable crops of showy bright red berries during summer.

Aucuba japonica Goldstrike


A compact form with bright gold splashing and speckling over the entire leaf


An excellent female form from the well known Hillier nurseries. Dark green bold foliage with pointed tips

Aucuba japonica Lance Leaf


A splendid male form with with polished shiny dark green long narrow leaves. Aucuba Lance Leaf being a very appropriate name. Aucuba Japonica Longifolia being its female counterpart

Aucuba japonica Longifolia


Bright green and as its name suggests long pointed spear shaped leaves. A female form plant along with the male Aucuba Lance Leaf to achieve good effect

Aucuba japonica Picturata

£11.25  -  £78.00

A very showy form, central golden yellow splash with a yellow spotted margin to the edge of the leaf. Male form

Aucuba japonica Rozannie

£12.00  -  £32.00

A superb free fruiting female form producing an abundance of bright red berries amonst attractive dark green bold foliage


Very similar to A. Longifolia but with narrower leaves. A female free fruiting form

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