Bare Root Red Stemmed Dogwood - Cornus Alba

Bare Root Red Stemmed Dogwood - Cornus Alba
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Economy or Premium Selection

Economy - rooted into its pot but a further season before moving up a pot size.

Premium - more growth in its pot. More mature than Economy
“You only want to plant a hedge once so buy the best and invest in quality English grown plants”

Cornus Alba is well known and easy to grow, particularly in heavy soils. The shiny red stems produce a fantastic sight on a sunny winters day.

Our Red Stemmed Dogwood hedge plants are English grown from genuine English origin stock. They are established and fully graded transplants, not cheaper or inferior seedling stock. The difference in quality is clear. Our Red Stemmed Dogwood transplants have been grown for 2 years, producing a more fibrous root system enabling them to establish more easily with a higher rate of success. Our Red Stemmed Dogwood transplants are also more heavily branched giving you a more established looking hedge.

Some suppliers use the word “native” to describe their Red Stemmed Dogwood plants but this does not necessarily mean that they are English grown or of English origin. Many are imported from continental Europe. As growers with over 40 years of growing experience we are happy to pass on our knowledge and advice. Don’t compromise on quality. When you want the best choose quality English grown, English origin Red Stemmed Dogwood from Botanica.

Bare Root Red Stemmed Dogwood plants are only available during the season November to March.  We offer a discount when you pre-order your bare root plants for the following season. This will automatically appear according to the date you place your order. You will qualify for a discount when you buy in bulk. This will appear in your Shopping Basket.

To use more established plants and plant all year round see our container grown Red Stemmed Dogwood page

To see more about why we believe that buying English grown Red Stemmed Dogwood is important click here

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