Blackberry Loch Ness

Blackberry Loch Ness

Economy or Premium Selection

Economy - rooted into its pot but a further season before moving up a pot size.

Premium - more growth in its pot. More mature than Economy
Blackberry Loch Ness is an ideal new form of Blackberry with short easy to manage thorn free canes with good winter hardiness and producing abundant crops of very large fruits with superb blackberry flavour, which ripen from mid August for picking right through to late September. Developed and raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute who have raised many similar new quality soft fruits.

Our Blackberry Loch Ness are sold as bare root bushs and are lifted at the start of the bare root season in November, when the Blackberry become dormant. For all year round planting why not choose from our selection of container grown Blackberries. They do cost little bit more but are older, more established and are ready fruiting.
We use and recommend planting with friendly myccorrhizal fungi such as Rootgrow. This helps to produce a stronger root system thereby aiding establishment. We also use and can supply Blood, Fish and Bone - a tried and trusted natural all round fertilizer.

9cm Pot Grown PlantOur youngest pot grown plant that is most economical for all year around planting.£3.50
3L Pot Grown PlantA young pot grown plant suitable for year round planting.£9.50
5L Pot Grown PlantA more established pot grown ready fruiting bush.£12.50