Elderberry Rob

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There is nothing worse than the first cold of Winter, especially for those that manage to avoid that mid-summer tickle. There are many ways to resolve a cold, but our most tried and tested method has to be a proven old country remedy of drinking an elixir of Elderberry Rob. Traditionally, over the years, it has been used to aid flu-like symptoms, alongside this, it has also been used to encourage some much-needed sleep.

In some areas of England, it is particularly important to plant an Elder tree outside of your door. It is said that the Elder tree keeps witches away. Others say that you must be particularly careful whilst collecting your berries, as to not offend the Elder spirits, who some say are the fiercest of all the tree spirits.

The easiest way to collect your elderberries is to remove them by the cluster and pop them into a bag ready for processing at a later date. Once home, remove the stems from the overripe fruit and wash before using. Simmer with a lid on for 30 minutes or so then add 225g of sugar, 12 cloves, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of ginger for every 570ml of liquid that you have. Simmer again for another half an hour, and then pour into bottles ready for use.

When you feel you have a cold, take a good teaspoon amount, mixed with a little honey. Sit back and feel the magic happen as your cold dissolves. We’ve also created a blog post regarding the magic of midsummer and elderflowers, if you wish to purchase an Elder tree please click here. 

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been making for 40 years Made from old farm house book. Add Star Anise fir best anti viral