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We are often asked about the history of Botanica and how it has developed over time, so let’s share our story with you. In 1990 Botanica the Nursery was started by Jon Rose on some 5 acres of a disused dairy farm. Indeed, the original milking parlour became the nursery office, and the sales office the old “bull box”. Over the following 28 years we have continued to expand and now grow on over 25 acres, producing native, ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, climbers, ferns, herbaceous and many more.

Jon’s fascination for plants has grown over the years as he values not only their beauty but their importance not just for ‘replenishing’ the air we breathe but being the basis of our food, medicines, clothing, shelter and much more. It is Jon’s vision which has driven our continued expansion to what we are today.

Danny Everett joined us some 14 years ago starting as a nursery worker. Over the following years, through hard work and a willingness to learn, has risen through various roles and is now our ’Sales Manager’. Danny was also responsible for the development of our bespoke computerised stock control system. This, together with Danny’s extensive plant knowledge and photographic memory, allows the nursery staff to locate plants from a collection of well over 100,000 over an area of 25 acres.

Jess Deighton our Senior Nursery Supervisor started here as a trainee 7 years ago this summer, coming to us as a trained florist. She absorbed knowledge from Jon like a sponge and has worked her way up to her current role. Jess organises the bulk of our growing with the rest of her team and is the recipient of many compliments on the professionalism and neatness of our nursery from many, including those in the trade.

We can’t forget Dave Metson our Head Propagator who is another long serving member of our team, this year marking his 10th anniversary with us. Dave is valued for his skill and knowledge in propagating a wide range of plants. Some of his successes include very difficult subjects, drawing praise from our highly experienced Jon himself.

We do of course have more team members responsible for plant care and dispatch and together we all share the same enthusiasm for growing our wide and exciting range of plants. 

David Gillis
Friday, 5 November 2021  |  14:34

Thanks Jess, for arranging Tuesday next, 9th November 8-9 am, to plant the tree you have set aside for us - Malus sylvestris (common crab) at 2+ metres in our garden here at Orchard House, Carlton Road, Carlton, Saxmundham IP17 2QE. We look forward to seeing the boys then!
But I have still not received the invoice which I believe you tried to re-send after we spoke on the phone a short while ago ( early afternoon Friday 5th )


Tuesday, 24 May 2022  |  20:59

Would someone PLEASE get back to me as promised about the tree I want to buy ASAP , this is my 4th avenue of request! :-(