We have been awarded National Collection status for Santolinas by National Plant Heritage!

Monday, 20 November 2017  |  Admin

Santolinas are small, low growing evergreen, shrubs and originate from the Mediterranean region from Corsica through to the Pyrenees.  They grow to around 60cm tall and are known for their highly aromatic foliage and profusion of button like yellow flower heads which range in colour from bright lemon yellow to the most delicate of creamy white. 

Becoming a holder of a National Collection is a considerable achievement and involves a rigorous process. We have spent the last 5 years collecting and cultivating Santolina specimens, and now boast a collection of over 20 varieties. Some of the rarer forms took months of tracking down and are not presently found or grown in the UK

Santolinas are particularly attractive to bees and other pollinators. The link between Santolinas and bees fits perfectly with our ethos on conservation and the environment, as there are three bee hives to help pollinate all plants around the nursery.

The Santolina collection is open to Plant Heritage members and the public. They can be viewed in prime location, set upon a dedicated landscaped area at the nursery, which shows off each and every specimen.

Santolinas are best seen when they are in full bloom and for this reason we are holding a special Santolina Open Week which is open to members of the public from the 16 July 2018