Summer Solstice

Wednesday, 21 June 2017  |  Admin

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, is the beginning of the time of year we all love to hate. Whilst some complain it’s too hot, here at Botanica it marks the start of a wonderful period, a time of peace and reflection before the busy Autumn and Winter planting seasons are upon us again. Serious gardeners know that autumn is the best planting time for container grown trees and shrubs, whilst winter sees huge bare root planting activity.

Traditionally, today is the best time to pick the flowers from your Elder tree to make into your drink of choice, however they do blossom from the beginning of May right through until the end of June. It was long believed that if you sat under an Elder tree on this special day, you would be able to see the Fairy King, along with his coach and horses, drive past. Off the back of this fable there are numerous festivals and gatherings that can be attended, that highlight the mystery that surrounds Summer Solstice.

Elder trees have a huge presence in the back and beyond of Suffolk, amongst hedgerow and wild flowers, and for years have been steeped in folklore. It was once told that a love potion can be made by placing elderflowers into a tankard of ale, to be shared by a couple who would be wed within the year.

The flowers of the Elder are not the only useful part of the plant. In autumn we like to pick the berries and make Elderberry Robb. Elderberries contain viburnic acid which has well known anti viral properties, good for knocking cold and ‘flu on the head.

Whichever tale you believe, or use you would like to put an Elder to, here at Botanica we have a wide range of Elder trees, to suit any hedgerow or garden, large or small. There are not only native varieties but highly ornamental ones too that are worthy of a place in your garden. We pride ourselves on our extensive range, as well as offer personalised advice to help you make the most out of your space. Please visit this part of our website for more details. 

Give us a call, or pop in, to see which Elder would best suit you and your garden.