Tuesday, 18 July 2017  |  Admin

So we arrive in the middle of July, another magnificent month which sees plants and animals of all shape and size come into their own. This month, it’s time to settle down and enjoy the garden, and admire all of the wildlife that comes with it.

Recently our Nursery Manager, Jess, was lucky enough to spot a Swift, singing its heart out from within our potting barn. These majestic birds are some of the first to migrate, beginning to do so at the end of July, often travelling to Africa where they follow the rains to take advantage of the abundance of insects.

For years, people have gone to great depths in order to unearth their distinctive behaviours. Swifts often appear in folklore, uniquely described as “Devil Birds” as so few of their habits have been uncovered over time.

The name also comes from their apparent distrust of the ground that we walk on, as most of their time is spent in flight, in which they are even able to sleep. They manage to do this by closing down parts of their mind at a time and have been known to spend as long as 10 months at a time in the air.

Set in 25 acres within the heart of Suffolk, here at Botanica there is no shortage of wildlife and we have been lucky enough to see creatures from snakes to rare butterflies so far this summer. If you want to catch a glimpse of an authentic plantsman’s collection then please come and visit, although remember we are closed on weekends in July.