World Wetlands Day

Tuesday, 30 January 2018  |  Admin

There are a wide range of commemorative days, however, on the second of February, we celebrate a topic very close to our hearts. World Wetlands Day. It’s all about appreciating the wetlands for what they are, vital ecosystems that are home to hundreds of beings.

The UK currently has 174 designated wetlands, with the nearest one to us being the Deben Estuary. A place that we have worked alongside on many occasions. In 1976 our wetlands were protected, due to an international conservation effort.

Since then, primary conservation efforts have been on educating people on the diverse range of wildlife. The Deben, in particular, is home to a vast number of Dark-bellied Brent Goose in winter. Other wetlands near us, such as Ness Point, are home to other important creatures such as Painted Lady butterflies.

These magnificent sights impact not only the individual but also the much larger world. They provide food, medicine, transportation routes and building materials. Similarly, manmade wetlands such as Wallasea Island, also provide important water filtration. Here at Botanica, we have three ponds on site, which attract hordes of wildlife come spring. Additionally, we design and build bespoke wetland schemes, from ponds with reed filtration systems, to lakes which suit any site. Contact us, to find out how we can redesign your landscape.