Friday, 27 October 2017  |  Admin

This year we’ve received further warnings from the Forestry Commission and The Plant Health Inspectorate about yet another possible threat of Xylella. Xyella invades hosts, disrupting their water-conducting systems often causing them to dehydrate which can mean death.

This disease hosts in a wide range of woody commercial plants, and has proved virtually impossible to eradicate from areas that it has already invaded. Should it reach the UK, the impact to nurseries like ours would be unprecedented. Luckily, this disease is not in the UK, however, that is not to say that we should ignore the threat, as it has entered Spain, and more recently France.

A lot of nurseries and garden centres import their plants which heightens the risk of disease entering our country. But, here at Botanica we only sell British grown provenance stock, so that you can be sure to protect the garden and landscape that you have created. Alongside this, we regularly make checks to existing stock and train our staff thoroughly on the importance of plant hygiene. We thank all of our customers for buying British, and encourage more to do so to protect our valuable eco system.