"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon


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Cotoneaster atropurpureus Variegatus


A very attractive small shrub. Lovely herring bone formation of branches clothed with small green with cream margined leaves especially effective in autum when they take on a reddish pink hue.

Cotoneaster bullatus

£26.50  -  £88.50

Large distinctive corrugated leaves which turn to glorious reds and oranges in autumn, masses of bright red berries. Should be planted more often as it is easy to grow. Introduced in 1898 from Western China.

Cotoneaster conspicuus Decorus

£42.00  -  £135.00

A useful hardy low growing evergreen shrub, masses of starry white flowers followed by bright red berries

Cotoneaster Coral Beauty

£9.75  -  £56.00

A very good easy to grow Landscape plant of considerable charm with its evergreen foliage and bright orange berries.

Cotoneaster Cornubia

£42.00  -  £46.00

Semi-evergreen in habit and growing upwards of 6m. It is a fantastic sight when its branches are weighed down in autumn and early winter with large bright red fruits. Easy to grow and not fussy. Raised at Exbury around 1930.

Cotoneaster dammeri


A fairly prostate form, perfect for ground cover, with long trailing shoots covered in autumn by shiny bright orange-red berries.

Cotoneaster dammeri Major ( var radicans)


A strong growing form of this useful evergreen groundcover. Cotoneaster radicans has larger glossy dark green leaves than the type.


A very useful and easy to ground cover plant. Shiny dark green evergreen leaves followed by bright shiny red berries in autumn.


Not commonly found even though Cotoneaster dielsianus was discovered way back in China around 1900 it should be better known for its autumn leaf colour which turn brilliant reds and scarlet, quite superb.

Cotoneaster franchettii

£9.75  -  £24.00

Semi evergreen sage green foliage with orange red fruits in autumn. Makes a medium sized shrub suitable for many situations

Cotoneaster horizontalis

£7.50  -  £38.00

A very useful ground cover which can cope with shade, and produces wonderful red fruits and winter foliage colour.

Cotoneaster Hybridus Pendulus

£57.50  -  £105.00

Is worthy of a place in many a garden scheme as a small tree with masses of brilliant scarlet red fruits adorning its weeping branches

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