"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon


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Athyrium filix-femina Lady in Red

£18.95  -  £29.95

As the name suggests this fern has lovely red stems on maturity. The red stems look stunning against the light green fronds.

Athyrium niponicum metallicum var pictum

£14.00  -  £15.50

The Japanese Painted Lady Fern, quite extraordinary leaf fronds of green, pink, cream and all with a silvery metallic sheen. Quite unreal looking

Athyrium otophorum v. okanum


Very pleasing display of fresh yellow green leaves enhanced by the ruby red coloured midrib

Blechnum spicant


The 'Hard Fern' neat clump forming habit, dark green leaves, must have lime free soil to succeed well

Cyrtomium falcatum


The Japanese Holly Fern, bold divided shiny evergreen fronds.

Dryopteris affinis


The Scaly Male Fern a lovely large fern with typical fern type foliage, makes and imposing large plant and survives in quite extreme situations of dry and shade.


Produces very pleasing virtually evergreen clumps often upto about 3ft accross of green twisted fronds with a golden brown midrib. Easy to grow and quite happy in sun or dappled shade.

Dryopteris affinis Crispa Congesta


A small growing fern with near evergreen dark green fonds which are very prettily divided making an almost feathery effect.

Dryopteris affinis Cristata (The King)


Known as 'The King' and certainly king like among the male fern species for providing a bold upright clump of elegant arching green fronds.

Dryopteris atrata

£14.00  -  £16.50

Also known as the Shaggy Shield Fern makes a good sized clumpof semi evergreen foliage, the new light green fronds in the spring contrast nicely with the older darker green foliage.


A broadly triangular fern with dark green, lance shaped fronds.

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