Fig carica Ice Crystal

Economy or Premium Selection

Economy - rooted into its pot but a further season before moving up a pot size.

Premium - more growth in its pot. More mature than Economy
The name Fig Ice Crystal refers to the prettily cut leaves which resemble the shape of ice crystals and which are even more stunning in the autumn when the they turn attractive shades of purple and orange. A relatively new variety with as yet unproved fruiting history with us but are reliably informed does produce reasonable size and flavoured figs.

We use and recommend planting with friendly myccorrhizal fungi such as Rootgrow. This helps to produce a stronger root system thereby aiding establishment. We also use and can supply Blood, Fish and Bone - a tried and trusted natural all round fertilizer

5 Litre PotAn established bush ready to be planted out, can be grown as a bush or trained agaist a wall.£26.00