"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon


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£4.75  -  £22.00

Persian Ivy". Strong growing with handsome large dark green leaves, a perfect foil for other planting with its strong outline. Easy to grow in most situations.


A handsome vaiegated form of the 'Persian Ivy'. It has large wide ovate leaves which are bright green with grey shading and creamy white borders.

Hedera colchica Sulphur Heart (Paddys Pride)


This Ivy always makes an impression with its large evergreen leaves strongly marked with a bright golden yellow splash to the centre and two toned green surround.

Hedera Gloire de Marengo

£9.25  -  £26.00

Large heart shaped leaves with a bold dark green centre with gradually merges out to a silver grey and finally all edge with a white border.

£4.75  -  £22.00

Hedera helix is the native common English Ivy, perfect as an evergreen climber for coving walls and a great plant for wildlife and the natural landscape. A very adaptable plant which will grow either as ground cover or as a climber, and very useful for places where other plants simply will not grow.


Dark green rounded leaves which deepen in colour in winter to almost a blackish purple, the veins standing out a brighter green

Hedera helix Buttercup

£10.50  -  £18.00

This beautiful form of the Common Ivy has bright golden leaves when young, ageing to yellow-green and finally to pale green. Makes excellent ground cover.

Hedera helix Chicago

£8.50  -  £58.00

Hedera helix Chicago has a classic ivy shaped small to medium sized leaf. Glossy, pleasing dark green in colour and often blotched or suffused with bronze and purple. Originally from Holland and introduced to the UK in the 1960s

Hedera helix Clotted Cream

£32.00  -  £62.00

A very attractive low growing ivy with good creamy white edged leaves

Hedera helix Cristata

£6.25  -  £26.00

Otherwise known as H. h. Parsley Crested a very useful ground cover plant with distinctive wavy and frilly edged leaves of a very pleasing mid green colour

Hedera helix Dragons Claw

£10.50  -  £32.00

An ivy with an appearance that easily lives up to its name

Hedera helix Erecta

£10.50  -  £85.00

A useful plant of architectural form for that "bold statement". Slow growing and stiffly upright with attractive deep green arrow shaped leaves, not particularly demanding of soil or aspect.

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