"Thanks for helping us find the plants we were looking for - and a few more that caught our eyes besides - amongst the great and varied selection on your nursery. We are very pleased with the plants and will doubtless be back for more. Good value all round.

- Mr Wheatley

I recently bought an Ilex Verticillata from you and just wanted to say I was very impressed with your service from the email update of stock availability to packaging of the plant and delivery. Thank you. 

- Mr Gooch


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Holly Tree - Ilex aquifolium

£8.50  -  £46.00

Beautiful and easy to grow, makes an excellent single specimen or grow as a hedge well known prickly foliage and red berries. Plant at least three to ensure berry production.

Ilex altaclarensis Golden King

£11.00  -  £1,535.00

A well known and widely grown variety. Ilex Golden King makes a good strong growing golden variegated holly with nearly spineless foliage of glossy green leaves and a bold central splash of gold.

Ilex altaclarensis Lawsoniana

£14.00  -  £75.00

A good form for all lovers of Hollies, large more or less spineless leaves with a good splash of yellow gold in the centre


Makes a fine specimen fast growing and with distinctive deep purple stems and branches, foliage very dark green.

Ilex aquifolium Alaska

£36.00  -  £38.50

A lovely Holly of good upright growth making a distinct pyramidal outline, leaves mid to dark green and typically spiny, lots of bright red berries.

Ilex aquifolium Argentea Marginata


A free fruiting female holly producing ample crops of bright red berries. The foliage has distinctive white margins to the dark green leaves, the new young growth a particularily noticeable shrimp pink.

£14.00  -  £32.00

Spiny gold yellow margin to dark green leaves. A female variety with lots red berries. A useful holly where space is limited as makes a relatively small bushy tree.


A good form with dark green leaves and attractive muted old gold margin. A good free fruiting female clone

Ilex aquifolium Bacciflava


A much sought after form with bright golden yellow berries. Easy to grow and suitable for a wide range of positions from industrial to seaside planting.


A strong growing holly. Ilex Begica Aurea also known as Ilex Silver Sentinel has foliage that is a good looking glossy two toned dark and pale green with grey mottling, the finishing touch is a creamy yellow margin to the edges to the almost spineless leaves.


The Silver Hedgehog Holly is a very striking shrub with deep purple stems and green leaves with cream margins and spines.


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