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Norfolk Apples

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Golden Noble produces good crops of large golden yellow cooking apples, high in vitamin C. Regarded by many as the best cooking apple, certainly a good reliable alternative to Bramley.


A Norfolk variety apple from our Heritage Collection. Horsford Prolific was discovered by the Reverand Mountfield in the vicarage garden at Horsford near Norwich around 1913. Reliably produces good crops of medium large apples with a buttery yellow skin and orange red flush with red stripes.

Jordons Weeping Apple


From our Heritage collection, Jordans Weeping apple is of uncertain origin but was found growing in a garden in Horning on the Norfolk Broads around the 1900s. Makes a smallish tree with a natural weeping outline. The apples are medium sized, yellow skinned with an attractive red and orange flush. The flesh is firm and taste beautifully sweet.

Leeders Perfection Apple

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Leeders Perfection is a dual purpose apple of medium to large size with yellow skin and broken red stripes. When cooked keeps it shape well, with a sweet spicy flavour. Moderately disease free and easy to grow.

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The Apple Norfolk Beauty is an excellent local variety that was raised by the head gardener at Gunton Park in Norwich by crossing an Apple Warners King with a Waltham Abbey seedling. Apple Norfolk Beauty is a relatively large cooking apple which cooks to creamy puree and requires little sugar due to its natural sweetness.

Norfolk Beefing Apple


The apples from the Norfolk Beefing are large and develop a purple flush to their green skin as they ripen. The Apple Norfolk Beefing will retain its round shape once cooked and can therefore be used in culinary decoration if it survives that long, they are delicious. It was sold in Norwich by bakers as an after dinner sweetmeat.


A very old Heritage collection apple Norfolk Dumpling of unknown origin. A cooking apple with green yellow waxy skin delicate flavoured flesh which cooks to light golden puree.


An excellent sweet tasting apple slight russeting over firm flesh. Though propagation material originally received with this name it may well in fact be Norfolk Royal Russet, either way a first class apple.

Norfolk Royal Apple

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A very attractive exhibition variety with a shiny crimson and yellow skin. Found as a chance seedling at North Walsham. Introduced in 1928 and soon well known in East Anglia. Crisp, juicy and sweet. Also cooks well.


A Heritage Collection old cooking apple variety from Norfolk. The origins of Summer Broadend are somewhat obscure dating from the late 1700s. Was once popular in the Norwich area of Norfolk.

Red Falstaff Apple


Apple Red Falstaff was discovered as a sport from a branch of the original Falstaff apple in Norfolk during1983 and has become popular due to its attractive appearance and Edit Edit Production of heavy crops crisp juicy apples. The trees have a slightly weeping habit, making apple-picking an easy task.

St Magdalen Apple


A medium sized apple with cream flesh and a very sweet flavour. Norfolk C.1890. Pollination 3

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