"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon

Pear Trees

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£18.00  -  £48.00

A good cropper regularily producing small but sweet and juicy pale yellow skinned fruit. Pick and eat straight from the tree during September, does not keep

Pear Beurre Hardy

£18.00  -  £58.00

Beurre Hardy is an excellent autumn pear with medium to large fruit russeted greenish-yellow. Very juicy, sweet and richly aromatic flesh. A dessert variety with a distinctive flavour.

Pear Beurre Superfin

£42.00  -  £95.00

Pear Black Worcester


An ancient variety but still one of the best traditional cooking pears Fruit large, obovate; skin thick, green, rough, nearly covered with dark russet. Black Worcester is a reliable cropper.

£22.00  -  £58.00

A very heavy yeilding 'Perry' pear variety much grown the Herefordshire area

£18.00  -  £22.00

Old French baking pear with flesh turning pink when cooked. Fruits are pale yellow with a pink flush with Occasional russet patches. Catillac fruits are very large and late.

£58.00  -  £95.00

A very old Heritage variety from Massachusetts USA in the 1860's. Good crops of pale yellow very juicy fruits

Pear Comice

£18.00  -  £62.00

A popular dessert pear with a fine flavour that was introduced from France in 1849. Large and roundish fruit with rich, tender flesh and a delectible flavour that melts in your mouth.

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