"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon


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A good foliage plant with dark sage green leaves with slightly inrolled margins. Usual ample display of golden yellow flowers on stout stems during late summer.

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A low growing evergreen shrub with large hairy heart shaped leaves. In late summer and autumn it has lipped yellow flowers. Likes a sunny well drained position.

Phlomis fruticosa

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Jerusalem Sage' Introduced from Mediterraneaqn region towards end of 1500's and long grown in gardens. Bright yellow flower whorls set against grey green clothy leaves

Phlomis longifolia

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A delightful small shrub with white wooly stems, smallish green leaves and golden yellow flowers


A very attractive dwarf mound-forming shrub with mildly toothed, sage-like glaucous leaves in opposite pairs. Emerging from the leaf axils in summer are whorls of purple-pink hooded flowers. Best in a well drained sunny site.

Phlomis purpurea alba


A delightful white flowered form of this excellent shrub, quite rare and certainly not commonly available.

Phlomis russeliana


Lovely deep green sage like leaves on tallish stout stems which bear masses of soft yellow flowers over a long period of summer. Also known as 'Turkish Sage'.


Attractive sage like bright pink flowers flowers on ruby red stems and bold foliage, easy to grow in most situations

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