"Thanks for helping us find the plants we were looking for - and a few more that caught our eyes besides - amongst the great and varied selection on your nursery. We are very pleased with the plants and will doubtless be back for more. Good value all round.

- Mr Wheatley

I recently bought an Ilex Verticillata from you and just wanted to say I was very impressed with your service from the email update of stock availability to packaging of the plant and delivery. Thank you. 

- Mr Gooch

Pollination Group 4

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Pignose Pippin Apple

£19.75  -  £48.00

An historic variety with a fascinating name, origins Herefordshire, greeny yellowflushed orange with red striping.

£12.50  -  £32.00

As the name suggests the fruits are small to medium sized.

Roxbury Russet Apple (Boston Russet)


Apple Roxbury Russet is a historic apple, its quite a large russet that makes extremely good eating, the golden yellow skin is reminiscent of an Ashmeads Kernel apple with its russet skin and creamy flesh colour. Apple Roxbury Russet is sweet and juicy, exactly what makes a great eating apple, especially when picked from a tree in your own back garden.

Somerset Redstreak Apple

£24.95  -  £32.50

Somerset Red Streak is typical old bitter sweet cider variety and still one of the main commercial cider varieties grown still today. The name Somerset Redstreak is possibly a collective name for very similar apples all originating not surprisingly from Somerset.

Sweet Alford Apple

£19.75  -  £52.00

An old Cider variety originating in Devon around the 1700's. Bitter sweet flavour imparting real flavour to any cider

Tydeman's Early Worcester Apple

£19.75  -  £48.00

Eating a Tydemans Early Worcester apple straight from the tree has to be one of the pleasures of the early summer apple harvest, good heavy crops of bright crimson red fruits. Crunchy juicy flesh with a delicious sweet taste of strawberry.

Winston Apple

£19.75  -  £48.00

Green with a red-brown flush with an aromatic flavour not unlike cox but sharper. Good disease resistance. Berkshire C.1900. Pollination 4

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