"Thanks for helping us find the plants we were looking for - and a few more that caught our eyes besides - amongst the great and varied selection on your nursery. We are very pleased with the plants and will doubtless be back for more. Good value all round.

- Mr Wheatley

I recently bought an Ilex Verticillata from you and just wanted to say I was very impressed with your service from the email update of stock availability to packaging of the plant and delivery. Thank you. 

- Mr Gooch

Pollination Group 5

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Ashmead's Kernel Apple


Apple Ashmeads Kernel could be described as a corner stone in the apple world. Russet skin and truly outstanding. A really great eater with excellent flavour and texture to match.

Court Pendu Plat Apple


Court Pendu Plat is one of the oldest apples still in present day cultivation. Court Pendu Plat was introduced to this country from France around 1613. It was a popular apple during Victorian times. Court Pendu Plat is an apple of intriguing characteristics.

Crawley Beauty Apple

£12.50  -  £15.50

Apple Crawley Beauty is an old favourite dual purpose apple, found in a cottage garden in Sussex around 1870. Crawley Beauty has the benefit of being a cooker early in the season which cooks to a light frothy puree and as the season moves on sweetens to make a good eater from Christmas onwards, with crisp flesh and plenty of juice.

Edward VII Apple

£14.50  -  £56.00

Apple King Edward VII. A cooking apple that makes an excellent hardy well behaved tree resistant to scab, producing bright green to yellow good sized fruits, with the perfect flavour for apple pie.

Herefordshire Redstreak Apple

£15.50  -  £19.75

Apple Heredfordshire Redstreak was a very early cider apple variety considered the finest of its day. It was raised by Lord Scudamore in the 1600s from a pip he brought back from France when he was Ambassador.

£14.50  -  £18.95

Raised by a Dr Allan Maclean in Sudbury during 1820 this late keeping dessert apple is ready to be picked in November allowing it to be kept until January. Roundish, rich and highly flavoured the Macleans Favourite has a yellow striped appearance and has been noted as an apple of the highest excellence by the London Horticultural Society in 1842.

Newton Wonder Apple

£14.50  -  £56.00

Apple Newton Wonders parentage is unknown making it wonderfully mysterious, it was originally thought to have originated in King's Newton in the 1860s, a landlord discovered a sapling growing through the thatch of his inn. He planted it and by 1887 the trees were being sold successfully and received the First Class award from the RHS.


An Essex cooker of unkown origin around 1899. Produces large yellow fruits, cooks to a good tasty puree. Pollination 4

Suntan Apple

£15.50  -  £48.00

Medium-large fruit, gold-yellow flushed and striped orange-red. Flesh, sharp & juicy. Very good flavour. A vigorous, spreading tree and a good cropper. Kent C.1955. Pollination 4


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