"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon


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Potentilla fruticosa Abbotswood

£32.00  -  £38.00

A dwarf form of spreading habit, it has dark green leaves and plenty of attractive small showy white flowers.

Potentilla fruticosa Beesii


A stunning display of bright golden flowers oversilver foliage. Makes a charming small mound shaped shrub

Potentilla fruticosa Daydawn

£18.00  -  £38.00

Originated as a sport of P. Tangerine and inherits some of its colouring with flowers an intriguing shade of peachy pink with a hint of cream

Potentilla fruticosa Elizabeth

£7.50  -  £15.50

A well known cultivar raised by Hillier Nurseries in the early 1950's masses of bright yellow flowers cover this medium sized bush throughout summer

Potentilla fruticosa Goldfinger

£15.50  -  £38.00

Blue green foliage with good sized bright gold yellow flowers, makes quite a small compact plant

Potentilla fruticosa Goldstar

£7.50  -  £56.50

Another German introduction from about 1976, foliage a good shade of green with stiff upright growth habit its main claim to fame are its extra large bright golden yellow flowers that just keep on appearing over a long period

Potentilla fruticosa Hopleys Orange


Potentilla Hopleys Orange makes a small spreading shrub with attractive fresh geen foliage studded with small orange flowers with a slight narrow margin of yellow.

Potentilla fruticosa Katherine Dykes


A well known 'old favourite' of gardens dating back to 1925 a tall shrub for a Potentilla often reaching 2 metres. Lovely primrose yellow flowers cover the plant during summer

Potentilla fruticosa Limelight


This deciduous shrub will reach 3ft in height and is grown for it's very long flowerind period, May until September. Remove old branches in March. Any soil or position.


One of the first Potentillas I got to know with its distinctive low mat like growth and large intense yellow flowers

Potentilla fruticosa Mount Everest


A small to medium sized shrub of naturally rounded habit with white flowers throughout summer.

Potentilla fruticosa Pink Beauty

£7.50  -  £38.00

Originally of Canadian origin and now a firm favourite here, with its mix of single and semi double delightful soft pink flowers.

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