"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon


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Pyracantha coccinea Red Column


A good upright form of this intruder proof hedge with glossy dark green leaves followed by red berries

£8.50  -  £24.00

A very different form, Pyracantha Red Cushion makes a low flat spreading shrub, good ground cover for difficult tough areas. The branches laden with bright scarlet red berries.

Pyracantha Darts Red

£5.50  -  £24.00

A good strong growing form resistant to scab and fireblight. Quickly makes a medium sized bush with large sized red berries.

Pyracantha Golden Charmer


Pyracantha Orange Charmer


Makes a really thick impenetrable hedge covered in autumn with deep orange berries.

Pyracantha Orange Glow

£9.75  -  £42.00

A stong growing cultivar with, as its name suggests bright orange berries which last well into the winter

Pyracantha Saphyr Jaune (Cadaune)

£9.75  -  £24.00

All the good qualities of the 'Saphyr' range of Pyracanthas including disease resistance but this time with attractive yellow berries.

Pyracantha Saphyr Orange (Cadange)


Also known as Pyracantha Saphyr Orange. An excellent medium sized shrub, upright growth, makes a good choice for hedging. Healthy looking dark green leaves with ample crops of deep orange coloured berries. Noted for its scab and fireblight resistance.

Pyracantha Saphyr Panache

£9.75  -  £22.00

A really lovely and unsual Pyracantha with green and cream variegated foliage

Pyracantha Saphyr Rouge

£9.75  -  £73.50

A good modern disease resistant Firethorn. Makes an upright bush of medium size, perfect for hedges. Masses of starry white flowers in spring followed by heavy crops of carmine red showy berries

Pyracantha Soliel D'or


An old favourite of gardens, good foliage with masses golden yellow berries in autumn


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