Quince Vranja

Quince Vranja
Quince VranjaQuince VranjaQuince Vranja

Economy or Premium Selection

Economy - rooted into its pot but a further season before moving up a pot size.

Premium - more growth in its pot. More mature than Economy
Fruits very large, pear-shaped, very fragrant, a clear shiny gold, with a softer flesh than many, excellent flavour. Fruits borne at an early age (4-6 years). Vranja is a good cropper. Suited to fan training; very vigorous, erect growth.
Our Quince Vranja bare rooted trees are lifted at the start of the bare root season in November, when the Quince trees become dormant, and made available through to March the following year. This period is the ideal time for economical planting. You will however have to wait a year to pick your crop as bare root trees cannot be picked in their first year. For all year round planting why not choose from our selection of container grown Quince trees. They do cost more but are older, more established and ready to crop. 
We use and recommend planting with friendly myccorrhizal fungi such as Rootgrow. This helps to produce a stronger root system thereby aiding establishment. We also use and can supply Blood, Fish and Bone - a tried and trusted natural all round fertilizer. Alternatively, to help give your tree the best start you can incorporate our carefully blended mix of compost to help give your tree all the vital nutrients and minerals it needs to flourish in your garden. It is good practice to firmly secure and support your tree with a good stake and tie to aid in its establishment. Download our planting guide to help you with any questions that you may have or call us on the number below and we will be pleased to help. 
Rootstock Our Quince trees are grown on Quince A rootstocks which produces a garden size tree to about 3 -4.5 metres
Use  Cooker
Harvest Time  October
Storage December
Vranja Quince Tree Bare Root Maiden  A small single stemmed first year tree £20.00
Quince Trees Feathered Maiden Bare Root Feathered Maiden A second year tree, has had its leader pruned to create multiple small side branches £28.00
Half Standard Bramley Seedling Bare Root Half Standard  An establishing tree which is older than a feathered, pruned further to start creating the head of the tree. £36.00
  20 Litre Pot A beautifully semi formed tree which is bearing fruit £48.00
  45 Litre Pot  A ready fruiting pot grown tree that has been pruned and worked on in the nursery by skilled hands. Having a clear stem and crown ready for you to grow on.  £85.00