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Redcurrant Junifer is probably the earliest fruiting redcurrant available often producing its heavy crops of good flavoured fruits nearly two weeks ahead of other varieties, often from early July onwards. Junifer is a modern variety recently introduced from France, it shows good disease resistance and fruits on both one and two year old wood guaranteeing good crops. Excellent culinary variety for Jams, pies etc

Our Redcurrant Junifer are sold as bare root bushes and are lifted at the start of the bare root season in November, when the Redcurrant become dormant. For all year round planting why not choose from our selection of container grown Redcurrants. They do cost little bit more but are older, more established and are ready fruiting.

Available in economy and premium selection

Economy - rooted into its pot but a further season before moving up a pot size.
Premium - more growth in its pot. More mature than Economy


We offer a full planting service, in and around East Anglia, for all our trees and plants, working in areas from town gardens, to large estates with plants that range from a single tree, to whole woodlands and everything in between.

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We also stock and supply planting sundries to aid establishment and promote growth. If you do not see what you are looking for please enquire as we still may be able to help.

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