Rhubarb Champagne

Rhubarb Champagne

Economy or Premium Selection

Economy - rooted into its pot but a further season before moving up a pot size.

Premium - more growth in its pot. More mature than Economy
Rhubarb Champagne is a superb old variety ideal for early forcing when it produces good crops of pinky red stalks with a superb delicate frothy flavour when cooked. Later crops if grown unforced produce long stalks of a deep ruby red with just the same amount of champagne rhubarb taste.

We use and recommend planting with friendly myccorrhizal fungi such as Rootgrow. This helps to produce a stronger root system thereby aiding establishment. We also use and can supply Blood, Fish and Bone - a tried and trusted natural all round fertilizer.

Bare Root Crown Our youngest bare root  that is most economical to plant£5.50
3 Litre PotPot grown Rhubarb for year round planting.£12.50