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Bare Root Eared Willow - Salix aurita


Salix aurita is an uncommon willow of heaths and moorland, particularly near streams. Makes a small shrub


Cornus alba Spaethii has strongly variegated leaves of yellow and gold making this a must for any garden.


Cornus alba Sibirica is a slightly less vigorous form of the Red-stemmed Dogwood and has brilliant crimson winter shoots.

Bare Root Hazel Hedging - Corylus Avellana


Corylus Avellana, our native Hazel, is a good plant for tough conditions and benefits wildlife, attractive autumnal foliage tints of soft yellow.

Bare Root Golden Variegated Privet -  Ligustrum Ovalifolium Aureum


Ligustrum Ovalifolium Aureum always looks smart with its wonderfully coloured green and golden yellow evergreen foliage even under tough conditions.

Bare Root Field Rose - Rosa arvensis


Field Rose is a choice, vigorous rose bearing pale creamy white flowers followed by small red hips. Good as ground covering or in the natural hedgerow and woodland.

Bare Root Golden Willow - Salix alba Vitellina


Salix alba Vitellina is a must for those seeking winter colour producing bright yellow to orange winter shoots. Golden Willow is easy to grow in any situation, particularly in moist conditions.

Blackthorn Bare Root Hedging Plants - Prunus spinosa

£1.10  -  £1.30

Our familiar native blackthorn or sloe. Spiny deciduous shrub with white flowers, which can often appear as early as late winter, followed by edible black fruits, 'sloes' in late autumn. Grows to 4m or more.

Bare Root Red Stemmed Dogwood - Cornus Alba


Cornus Alba is well known and easy to grow, particularly in heavy soils. The shiny red stems produce a fantastic sight on a sunny winters day

Bare Root Snowberry - Symphoricarpus albus var. Laevigatus


Symphoricarpus albus is a thicket forming dense shrub with arching shoots bearing small spherical white fruits like marbles in Autumn and into the winter. Always attracts attention.

Bare Root Common Osier - Salix viminalis


Salix viminalis is fast growing and an upright large shrub or small tree producing dense green catkins in late winter and early spring. A plant for tough wet conditions

Bare Root Hawthorn Hedging - Crataegus Monogyna

£1.15  -  £1.40

Crataegus Monogyna needs little introduction. Hawthorn is the backbone of many of our native hedgerows. Also known as May or Whitethorn. Masses of scarlet red berries in autumn which are a good natural source of vitamin C.

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Search for:    Bare root        Show All Products

Page 1 of 35:    412 Results