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Bare Root Common Privet hedging - Ligustrum vulgare


Ligustrum vulgare is a classic plant ideal for formal or native hedge planting schemes, with dark glossy semi-evergreen foliage. Easy to grow particularly over chalky soils.

Bare root Common Dogwood - Cornus sanguinea


Adds variety to any natural hedge row mix. This dogwood has lovely plum red coloured stems during winter.

Bare Root Goat Willow - Salix Caprea


Salix Caprea is a small, upright, erect branching, deciduous large shrub or small tree with a fast growth rate producing showy familiar pussy willow catkins. Easy to grow in most situations.

Bare Root Dog Rose - Rosa Canina


Dog Rose is a wild rose with delicate pink or white lightly scented flowers. They make wonderful displays in the hedgerows during June and July, followed in autumn by bright red egg shaped fruits.

Bare Root Hornbeam Hedging - Carpinus Betulus


Carpinus Betulus is a classic native hedgerow plant, which retains its russet coloured leaves through most of the winter. Hornbeam is often used in place of Beech, especially on heavy soils.

Bare Root Common Laurel - Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia

£4.00  -  £4.80

Common Laurel - Prunus laurocerasus is a well known large evergreen shrub, mid green glossy leaves, easy to grow and extensively planted as an effective screen or hedge.

Bare Root Myrobalan Plum - Prunus Cerasifera


Myrobalan Plum - Prunus Cerasifera often found in natural hedge mixes and very useful on drier soils. Abundant here in Suffolk along the coastal Suffolk Sandlimgs. Bears white flowers followed by small red and yellow plum shaped edible fruit. Makes an excellent natural wildlife freindly hedge.

Bare Root Common Buckthorn Hedging - Rhamnus cathartica


Rhamnus cathartica is a large native shrub or small tree with spiny branches, most attractive in autumn when laden with masses of shining black fruits. The yellowish-green flowers borne in May attract Brimstone butterflies.

Bare Root Field Maple Hedging - Acer campestre

£1.30  -  £1.70

Field Maple an outstanding and most attractive choice for native rustic hedgerows. Superb in late Autumn when the leaves turn a beautiful butter yellow remaing for several weeks.

Bare Root Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea Hedging - Barberry


Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea is an invaluable small shrub, much favoured for its rich, wine red foliage and bright red berries. This Berberis is easy to grow in most situations.

Bare root Spindle Tree - Euonymus europaeus


Spindle - Euonymus europaeus is a deciduous shrub growing to 6m, a must for inclusion in any native hedgerow planting. Ideal plant for chalky soils. Flowering from May to June but renowned for its attractive pink to red fruit in autumn with orange seeds.

Bare Root Guelder Rose - Viburnum opulus


Viburnum opulus is a common native throughout the British Isles. Produces a wonderful effect in the autumn with its butter yellow foliage and translucent shiny red fruits A good wildlife plant and worthy of a place in any hedgerow mix.

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Search for:    Bare root        Show All Products

Page 2 of 35:    412 Results