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Bare Root Elder - Sambucus Nigra


Elder - Sambucus Nigra makes a good choice within a mixed wildlife friendly natural hedge. Delightful scented white flowers in early summer followed by the familiar abundance of glossy black fruits. Elder flowers and berries are used in wine making. Provides good food for wildlife.

Bare Root Wayfaring Tree - Viburnum lantana


The Wayfaring Tree - Viburnum latana is an attractive native shrub easy and adaptable to most situations. Wild life freindly, it has attractive foliage with cream white flower florets in May and June. A must in any native hedgerow scheme

Bare Root Alder Buckthorn Hedging - Rhamnus frangula


Rhamnus frangula is a native large shrub or small tree, easy to grow in most situations. Autumn colouring of yellow foliage set off superbly the masses of shiny red and black fruits, one of the joys of autumn.

Bare Root English Yew Hedging - Taxus Baccata


Taxus Baccata is a familiar sight in churchyards and formal hedges across the country. Yew makes one of the best formal evergreen hedging subjects, and is not as slow growing as many people think. Easy to look after with little pruning needed.

Bare Root Evergreen Privet Hedging - Ligustrum Ovalifolium


Evergreen Privet - Ligustrum Ovalifolium makes a vigorous upright evergreen hedge. Dense panicles of fragrant white flowers in mid summer followed by shiny black berries.

Bare root Green Beech Hedging - Fagus Sylvatica

£1.80  -  £3.70

Beech is a classic native tree of the English parkland and estate, particularly good in calcareous soils. Beech makes superb hedging.

Bare Root Berberis Thunbergii Hedging - Barberry


Berberis Thunbergii is a small shrub with a round dense crown bearing small pale yellow flowers in small clusters, appearing in April to May. Shiny red berries and fantastic foliage colours in autumn.

Bare Root Snowy mespilus - Amelanchier Canadensis


Snowy Mespilus - Amelanchier Canadensis is a wonderfully cheering site in early spring when the masses of starry white flowers cover the branches just as the new foliage with its copper tones appear. Can be used to great effect in mixed hedges

Bare Root Western Red Cedar Hedging - Thuya plicata


Western red cedar makes a good alternative to the ubiquitous Leylandlii with darker green and thicker foliage. The form we grow 'Atrovirens' has attractive glossy green thick foliage, ideally suited to clipping to make a fast growing attractive tall screen or hedge

Bare Root Snowy mespilus/ Juneberry  - Amelanchier lamarkii


Snowy mespilus or Juneberry has leaves opening coppery-red, turning to soft green in summer and then to shades of red, orange and yellow in autumn. Amelanchier lamarkii is smothered with small white flowers in spring followed by black berries. Superb in any mixed hedge or try on its own to create a stunning natural look.

Bare Root Pink Ramanas Rose - Rosa Rugosa


Rosa Rugosa is persistently popular, this easy to grow rose can be seen poking its red-pink flowers through mixed hedgerows all summer. Or use on its own to make a lovely informal flowering hedge Glorious large red hips follow the flowers. A superb impenetrable hedge.

Bare Root Purple Beech Hedging - Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea


Purple Beech makes a beautiful large specimen tree or is often seen in hedge form where its purple foliage can be used to great effect.

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Search for:    Bare root        Show All Products

Page 3 of 35:    412 Results