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Very large Mid season fruits of excellent quality on a vigorous mildew resistant bush. Another interesting feature of Titania is that it reaches full maturity in three seasons as opposed to four or five with most other popular varieties.


When talking autumn fruiting raspberries Autumn Bliss is the variety everyone thinks of and deservedly so. Easy to grow, making short canes with good disease resistance and yielding good harvests from late August onwards of firm full flavoured deep red coloured fruits

£8.50  -  £24.00

A particularly good variety for the small garden having neat, compact bushes about 3ft high which are strong growing and frost resistant. Very high yielding, the large fruit is easily picked. Ready for harvesting mid-July

Raspberry Octavia


A new variety of excellent quality and flavour, pick in late summer


250 Plant Pack.


A mid season culinary variety not commonly available makes a neat compact bush producing heavy yields of smooth green fruit with superb flavour. Good resistance to foliage diseases

The All Seasons Hedge Mix Packs

£32.00  -  £64.40

Pre Made Packs of 25 or 50 plants

All Seasons Hedge Mix Per Metre

£4.65  -  £7.95

Pre Made Packs per metre


Excellent crops of medium to large, thin shelled nuts of a good sweet flavour. An abundant bearer, best cross pollinated by another fruiting hazel.

Raspberry Tulameen


A good reliable late season variety producing good crops of exceptional quality and tasting juicy aromatic fruit

Willow - Salix alba Britzensis (Chermesina)


Salix alba Britzensis is a striking plant in winter with bright orange and red stems. A must for any winter colour scheme, in both natural and formal situations.

£6.50  -  £98.00

This poplar red currant originated in Holland in 1942 and is still the leading cultivar used for production in Europe. The fruits are bright red, large, easily harvested and of excellent flavour. Ripens very early in the season.

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Search for:    bare root        Show All Products

Page 3 of 32:    377 Results