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Malling Minerva is a relatively new early season raspberry bred at the famous East Malling Research Station. Produces spine free compact canes. Fruits are an attractive raspberry red in colour with plenty of sweet raspberry flavour. Keeps well.

Damson Farleigh

£22.00  -  £36.00

A small round-oval damson, being the first to ripen during season. It has green-yellow flesh with a good flavour.

Winter Banana Apple

£18.95  -  £56.00

£62.00  -  £95.00

Large black mid to late fruit of excellent quality and flavour.

£22.00  -  £95.00

Excellent for cooking or preserving, flesh turns pink when cooked


A reliable and still popular old variety Gooseberry Careless was originally introduced in the mid 1800s. Produces heavy crops of excellent quality smooth skinned fruit which can be used for culinary or preserving use when green crisp and young or if left on the bush till mid July onwards will ripen further to produce a lovely opaque yellow sweet dessert style gooseberry. RHS Award of Merit

£18.00  -  £58.00

Good crops of green yellow pear shaped fruits ripens early

St Magdalen Apple


A medium sized apple with cream flesh and a very sweet flavour. Norfolk C.1890. Pollination 3

Cherry Morello

£18.00  -  £95.00

Blood-red flesh colour Cooking Cherry with intense cherry flavour. Very hardy. Self Fertile.

£12.50  -  £58.00

Large dark purple skins and juicy flesh with very small stones. Very fragrant.

Gage Cambridge


This vigorous tree produces small round yellowish green juicy fruit with a fantastic flavour. Good consistent cropper and self-fertile.


Originally from Monmouth Pale yellow greenfruit of exceptional quality with a definate hint of its cox parentage. Good Keeper.

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Search for:    bare root        Show All Products

Page 7 of 32:    377 Results