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Merton Beauty Apple

£24.95  -  £56.00

An old variety from around 1930. Medium sized fruit with slight red flush, sweet slightly aniseed flavoured flesh.

Nutmeg Pippin Apple

£24.95  -  £56.00

Nutmeg Pippin makes a smallish apple. Flesh is firm and creamy flavour a superbly aromatic with a sense of spicey nutmeg.


Similar characteristics to Victoria but fruiting slightly earlier.


An excellent sweet tasting apple slight russeting over firm flesh. Though propagation material originally received with this name it may well in fact be Norfolk Royal Russet, either way a first class apple.

William Crump Apple

£18.95  -  £38.00

A dessert apple of high quality, crisp and juicy. The skin is a bright orange red flush and stripes over green, yellow and some russetting. Pollination 3

£12.50  -  £62.00


Bumper crops of super large bright red fruits with good strawberry flavour early in the season. Strawberry Korona is a relative new variety with good disease resistance making it an easy plant to grow successfully.

Scotch Bridget Apple

£19.75  -  £85.00

A useful dual purpose apple, as its name suggests originated in Scotland around the mid 1800's. A full flavoured crisp apple. Pollination 3

Pear Beurre Superfin

£12.50  -  £95.00

Produces fruits with a fine, melting, scented flesh.

Ribstone Pippin Apple


Deep creamy rich flesh with a strong Cox like taste. Originates from North Yorkshire so of tough constitution, scab resistant too. Triploid variety. Pollination 2

Yellow Ingestrie Apple


Raised in about 1800, a cross between Cox's Orange & Golden Pippin. Crisp, juicy, yellow flesh. A delightful little yellow apple for September. Sharp and fruity. Shropshire C.1800. Pollination 2

Plum Marjories Seedling


Late-season eating and cooking plum. Large purple fruit, good cropper. Late-flowering, so tends to miss the spring frosts Self fertile.

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Search for:    bare root        Show All Products

Page 9 of 32:    377 Results