"Thanks for helping us find the plants we were looking for - and a few more that caught our eyes besides - amongst the great and varied selection on your nursery. We are very pleased with the plants and will doubtless be back for more. Good value all round.

- Mr Wheatley

I recently bought an Ilex Verticillata from you and just wanted to say I was very impressed with your service from the email update of stock availability to packaging of the plant and delivery. Thank you. 

- Mr Gooch

Self Fertile Apple Trees

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£19.75  -  £42.00

Apple Braeburn is a first class dessert apple. Apple Braeburn is a very reliable cropper; it stores well and has a reputation of being easy to grow.

£14.50  -  £18.95

Apple Brownlees Russet is a heritage russet style variety from Victorian England. It is an intensely flavoured apple with robust overtones of pear drops; a sweet and juicy variety. A once very popular 'russet' apple now much forgotten for the milder taste of more modern varieteis such as Eggremot russet

Cox Orange Pippin Apple

£12.50  -  £15.50

Coxs Orange Pippin is the original apple Cox that has spawned so many variations that have that famous Cox taste. Originally grown by a Mr Richard in Buckinghamshire around 1825. The parentage of the original Cox apple is unknown but the apple Ribston Pippin is regarded as probable.

Cox Self Fertile Apple

£19.75  -  £48.00

Apple Cox Self Fertile has the usual familiarity of a Cox but is an easier to grow version of Coxs Orange Pippin. Whilst it keeps a lot of the benefits of the same crisp juicy flesh and aromatic tangy flavour, it has the benefit of being self fertile.

Dabinett Apple

£12.50  -  £48.00

Apple Dabinett originated around the turn of the 1900s and was found as chance seedling in a hedgerow at Middle Lambrook, Somerset. Apple Dabinett is classed as a bittersweet cider apple and produces regular good crops of attractive small yellow green fruit.


George Cave is an attractive early season medium sized dessert apple. Fruit can vary in colour but usually is pale green-yellow with red flush diffused over one half. Flesh is crisp with a sweet and juicy finish. A reliable cropper, George Cave originated as a chance seedling and was named after the raiser a Mr George Cave.

Granny Smith Apple

£19.75  -  £48.00

A well known apple of the supermarket shelf. Granny Smith apples are instantly recognizable with their bright green coloured skin. Supposedly discovered by a Mrs Maria Smith growing as a seedling on a rubbish tip in Australia around 1860s.


Apple Jonathan is an attractive looking apple of excellent flavour, produces regular heavy crops of juicy, sweet apples. Also has a distinct benefit of being a self-fertile variety. Jonathan is an apple of N. American origin and still widely grown there

Queen Cox Apple


Apple Queen Cox is an aromatic, self-fertile clone of Cox's Orange Pippin. It became recognised in the 1950s and originated in Berkshire. It is reputed to be a more reliable cropper than Coxs orange pippin, having the same benefits and tastes, but with more colour and more aromatic flavour than the original

Red Devil Apple

£18.95  -  £56.00

Apple Red Devil is a relatively modern dessert apple, developed by Hugh Ermen and named after the Red Devil Parachute team. This mid-season apple is distinguishable by its attractive pink juice and unusual red flesh. The flesh of the Red Devil is crisp and strongly fruity with a strawberry-like flavour.

Red Falstaff Apple


Apple Red Falstaff was discovered as a sport from a branch of the original Falstaff apple in Norfolk during1983 and has become popular due to its attractive appearance and Edit Edit Production of heavy crops crisp juicy apples. The trees have a slightly weeping habit, making apple-picking an easy task.

Red Windsor Apple


Apple Red Windsor itself it is an easy to grow reliable cropper producing good red skinned juicy apples with a distinct Cox style flavour.

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