"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon

Suffolk Apples

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Aldeburgh Beach Apple


Finding fame in Roger Deakins book Wildwood this unique tree was found near the seaside town of Aldeburgh growing in a shingle hollow as a large sprawling tree only reaching a height of three feet due to the relentless biting, salt laden winds.

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The Catherine apple produces a medium to large sized yellow fruit with a lovely sweet delicate flavour when cooked also keeps its shape well. The origin of apple Catherine is slightly obscure, the most likely was it grew in the garden of a pub called the Live & Let Live around or just 1900 in the village of Coombs in Suffolk and was affectionately known as Catherine apple by the locals.

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Our trees are propagated from a very old tree found in the remains of an old derelict orchard in central Suffolk. Gascoynes Scarlet produces a medium sized apple, green with bright scarlet red flush, flesh is firm moderately juicy with a subtle flavour

Honey Pippin Apple

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The Honey Pippin apple was raised by Justin Brooke in the 1950s and introduced by a nursery near Newmarket in Suffolk. Presented to the National Fruit Collection in 1981. Named Honey Pippin to reflect the sweet honeyed taste with a strong accent of Cox Orange Pippin flavour.


In 1873 the head gardener at the Thornham Estate in Suffolk, presented the Lady Henniker apple, which won a first class certificate of merit from the RHS and became a popular garden variety.

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The apple has many names, most commonly known as Lord Stradbroke but also rather rebelliously as Fenns Wonder or Fenns Seedling.

Maxton Apple

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Was known as Suffolk Superb and with good reason, the sweet flavour of this heavy cropping dessert apple is similar to that of the Laxton, juicy and packed with flavour.

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Attractive red crimson and pink flushed streaks on a yellow green background, a distinctively sweet and juicy flesh but liable to bruising if handled badly so does not transport well making it unsuitable along with a short storage life for the supermarket trade.

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The St Edmunds Russet was raised by Mr Richard Harvey of Bury St Edmunds prior to 1875, by definition this apple is one of the best English russets, small but bursting with flavour far exceeding its size, its rough skin hides the distinctive russet flavour which is probably the best mid season Russet.


Excellent late green yellow Suffolk dessert apple flushed red whose flavour develops in storage. A good producer on a tree of moderate size. Also makes excellent cider. High in vitamin C but needs a good summer to ripen fruit. P 3


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