"My Belle de Boskoop apple tree arrived safe and well and I am delighted with it. It was very well protected for its journey and is now planted in the ground."

- Liz Heydon


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£16.50  -  £215.00

The Broad Leaved Lime. A much planted native tree in our country landscape, makes a large tree of spreading habit, attractive in June and July when its Ivory white flowers appear to smother the tree.

£9.75  -  £235.00

The native Small-leaved Lime has a slender habit, with heart shaped glossy green leaves and small ivory coloured lemon scented flowers. Ultimately makes a medium to large tree.

Tilia cordata Green Spire

£12.00  -  £235.00

A choice American selection noted for its exceptionally fast growth and narrow upright outline

Tilia cordata Rancho

£7.25  -  £285.00

Tilia Rancho makes a small sometimes medium sized tree with smaller sized leaves leaves than the type and a neat naturally conical habit.

£58.00  -  £178.00

Tilia cordata Winter Orange

£8.95  -  £188.00

A selection giving bright orange twigs and branchlets particularily effective in winter

Tilia euchlora

£20.00  -  £225.00

Makes a classic English landscape tree with glossy attractive green leaves and slightly pendulous branches. Not affected by the usual aphid problems of some other Limes.

£42.00  -  £54.00

A distinctive form with pale yellow undersides to its leaves.

Tilia europaea Wratislaviensis

£28.00  -  £57.50

A most effective yellow leaved tree, beautiful soft yellow young foliage, turning green as the summer progresses. An unusual tree for the discerning plantsman, rather slow growing.

Tilia henryana


A rare and very choice beautiful Lime the leaves distinctively edged with bristle like teeth. The new foliage in spring has a eye catching pink tinge


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