"Thanks for helping us find the plants we were looking for - and a few more that caught our eyes besides - amongst the great and varied selection on your nursery. We are very pleased with the plants and will doubtless be back for more. Good value all round.

- Mr Wheatley

I recently bought an Ilex Verticillata from you and just wanted to say I was very impressed with your service from the email update of stock availability to packaging of the plant and delivery. Thank you. 

- Mr Gooch


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Not commonly found, this charming strong growing Wisteria has all the characteristics plus very large orchid like slightly fragrant flower racemes of a beautiful creamy white.

£18.00  -  £28.50

A lovely species sometimes known as W. venusta violacea, a name that suitabily reflects the enjoyably fragrant violet blue flowers.

Wisteria brachybotrys Okayama


Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful wisteria amongst so many other glorious choices. Long, pendulous raecemes of beautiful, dark violet purple flowers in early summer


Lots of densely packed silky pink long flower trusses, possibly the best pink form. Regarded by some authorities as the same as W. brachybotrys Showa-beni

Wisteria brachybotrys Showa-beni

£14.00  -  £88.50

For those seeking a good pink flowered wisteria. Good displays of medium sized trusses of a distinct mauve pink with a small yellow marking.


A strong growing form, good sized sweetly scented pale violet flower trusses with very attractive deeper blue purple wings and keel.

Wisteria Caroline

£48.00  -  £95.00

A lovely wisteria. A hybrid with masses of slightly fragrant flowers of a fascinating colour arrangement, pale lilac with deep lilac wings and and greeny yellow base. Earlier flowering than most.

Wisteria floribunda Alba

£14.00  -  £28.50

The Japanese Wisteria needs no introduction, a lovely climber producing in abundance its superb flowers in fragrant cascades of White. Introduced from Japan about 1830.


A deservedly popular wisteria reliably producing masses of lilac blue flowers during the height of 'Wisteria season'Deeper purple blue in bud fading to lilac blue when open with a splash of yellow on the lip, a quite lovely two tone colour combination. Wisteria floribunda Domino has the added advantage of flowering at an early age even on young shoots.

Wisteria floribunda Geisha

£14.00  -  £125.00

Lovely long slim flower trusses packed with delightful two tone lavender blue and pale blue flowers. Really rather special.

Wisteria floribunda Harlequin

£18.00  -  £125.00

A strong growing climber with spectacular, scented, multitoned purple flowers.

Wisteria floribunda Honbeni (Rosea/Pink Ice)

£18.00  -  £295.00

Long racemes of flowers of delightful colour combination of soft pink tipped with mauve. Sometimes grown and sold as Wisteria Pink Ice.

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