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Choose Dornfelder variety and you will not only be able to enjoy the good crops of very edible red grapes but also make wine, and in autumn it will display pure crimson leaves. What more could anyone ask? Originated from Germany and now a popular choice for vineyards here in the UK. Reliable and good harvests of particularly dark red large grapes.

Available in economy and premium selection

Economy - rooted into its pot but a further season before moving up a pot size.
Premium - more growth in its pot. More mature than Economy


We offer a full planting service, in and around East Anglia, for all our trees and plants, working in areas from town gardens, to large estates with plants that range from a single tree, to whole woodlands and everything in between.

border planting 3.jpg


We also stock and supply planting sundries to aid establishment and promote growth. If you do not see what you are looking for please enquire as we still may be able to help.

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